Friday, 4 December 2009


I am very very jumpy right now about the assignments handed in last night... they're the last of the year after all... and i was reading through everyone's blogs and it seems i am the only one who didn't use a polished cartoon character looking thing.... my character has joints showing, climsy shading and no clothes or hair since i thought those would make it harder to identify the walking movement. But it seems in my judgement i was wrong -_- And i was so pleased with my improvement too.

I think i did a better job than the last time by far... at least it has joints now instead of peices of spaghetti.

3d however i am not pleased with.
The model was complex far beyond my abilities, and i needed the graph editor badly on this one... but the complexity of the model was waaay too much for me to manage in it.
The walk is jerky, clumsy and looks nothing like an anything walk, let alone like my walk. But time and time again i tried, and time and time again it came out the same -_- until i ran out of time and had to hand in.

I hope very much that someday i'll be able to handle something like this... but such a huge step made me stumble.
I will do battle with Andy-rig again... some other time.

Man... i thought the last journal entry was depressing, this one took the cake.
I guess i'll update when i know what my results are.

Oh and i drew another person. So i shall add it in for no reason at all really.

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