Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Term 3, Week 4.

Things still seem to be progressing well with the what project, if a little slower than we planned, but there's no need to worry yet, I am hoping to have a week set aside to do the full post production process, but we'll have to see, a few days might suffice, I could do it in less but it would be rushed and not too great a quality because of rendering times. We'll have to see how things go ^_^

Sketchbook project seems to keep getting odder as time goes by, the pictures becoming slowly more random, but that's okay with me, I kinda like the progression of insanity that this project seems to be following.

Animal firm continues to make good progress, the concept becoming slowly more solid... and if you thought I was joking about an octopus in a wheelbarrow... I wasn't. His name is Steve... he wears a Toupee, Monocle and fake moustache. If you think I’m still joking, you're wrong, he is an actual character.

He's a lawyer.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Term 3, Week 3.

Good progress seems to be happening on the what project this week, things are moving mostly as planned, perhaps not perfectly, but the problems we have are 99% technology related... so that's kind of expected XD never ever rely on the computers to work when you need it most... because they will find a way to mess up on you... no matter how reliable they are normally. Am slowly putting a few sounds aside for a sound library, and am practicing with Soundbooth to make sure I know how it all works.

Sketchbook project is still going well, I got bored of only drawing things I had around the place and decided to go a bit loopier with it, I hope nobody minds, but one can only do so much of drawing the mundane over and over.

Animal firm goes well, I have one picture I'm quite pleased with at the moment, that's the one on the right here. This is Krawk, possibly the most misunderstood creature in the series. Everyone thinks she's there to help... she's only there to eat the slugs in their gardens... I'm starting to think the town I have created is populated by idiots XD

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Term 3, Week 2.

This week we actually got started organising the whatwhatwhat project properly, assigning tasks/roles and coming up with a basic plan of when things needed to be done by. At this point it seems as though we shouldn't have a problem at all as long as we stick to the plan and make sure everyone does their bit. My bit is mostly post production, so for the first few weeks there is little I can do other than build a sound library that will apply to the protect, doodle some concept arty stuff for personal reference, and watch to see how everyone else's work takes shape. I think the roles that have been handed out work very well... the only problem I see is that nobody can decide on the falling object... the last list was in excess of thirty items long, and included batman, the tardis, Charlie the unicorn and a dead cow... this one could take a while to narrow down.

The sketchbook project is going well, bt i'm getting real bored of drawing nothing but objects XD they held my interest at first but i'm hoping to get a bit more surreal soon... that may not be the case but there's no harm in hoping ;)

Animal firm project is starting to take shape, but mostly in my mind at this point... the project seems as thought it may well come out extremely... unusual, since I am avoiding cliche as best as I can. Also... I am going to be using an octopus in a wheelbarrow.