Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Experimental Animation - Final.

The experimental animation project was an interesting one to approach, because it was largely open for us to interpret however we liked as individuals. There was a lot of discussion at first about possibly attempting a stop-motion film with proper models and backgrounds, because the technique interested everyone in the group. But after making the testing animation with Alphonse, it was quickly decided that it would take a very long time, and would be very difficult to make non-narrative and yet effective. It would also be quite hard to match it to the music effectively.
Therefore we also discussed and toyed with the possibility of a stop-motion of another kind, flat images formed by photographing a substance moving around on a surface, frame by frame, photographed and put together to the music later in the editing stages.
When we played with the rice, it made me realise that it would be the easier, and probably better outcomed choice to make. Which left us with a few decisions to make, what to draw with, and what music to put it to.

The Drones and Refrains of Death was the piece of music that I personally felt had more effect on my creativity than any of the others, and shortly after hearing the piece, an idea started to form in my mind.
Being an ex-film student, and a very long term lover of the horror genre, I just happenned to have rather a large supply of fake blood lying around... and the unsettling nature of the music seemed to demand an unsettling medium in which to draw to it. The two things just seemed more coincidence than it was appropriate to ignore, and the suggestion was quickly adopted by the goup.

'Filming' commenced shortly afterwards, with large glass chopping board, a LOT of newspaper to protect the floor, a Camera and Tripod, and quite a lot of strange objects which we planned to use to poke the blood around.

This stage largely went well, with the group working quickly, taking it in turns from animator, to camera operator, to suggestion maker. It took several days, and one problem we met in that time was that a batch of the fake blood kept drying out overnight despite numerous attempts to prevent it from doing so. Which left us with an entertaining period in the mornings, sitting 'warming up' the blood with sprayed water and paintrushes, trying to get it animateable again.

Another problem we found, was that the lines we made in the blood didn't appear that clearly on the images. I found a solution to that problem, unforutnately drawing in it with one's hands held the risk that it was very messy, and the fingertips tended to get dyed reddy orange quite quickly.

Finally though, with over 420 images, we decided it was enough to enter the editing process.

This task, assigned to myself, was a slow process of sorting the various folders of the different patters and images, and then putting them together in appropriate software. The hardest part of the process was persuading the images to match the music speed, but in the end that just took some persistence.

I'll put more detail about the editing into the full production report on the hard hand-in.

In the meantime, here is the low quality Mpeg of the movie, because Blogger will only upload the quicktimes if it is allowed to keep my computer hostage all night for upload. Which I won't allow it to do XP

Friday, 26 November 2010

11 Second - More Progress

Just thought I'd post up a rough render of the finished half of the 11 second! ^_^

Full thing should be done before too long!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Experimental Editing ^_^

Just a few snippits of what I'm editing in the Experimental Project! ^_^

^ Got my hands dyed orange for a week doing this bit D:

Thought I should put a little bit up as a sneak peek! ^_^

Sunday, 21 November 2010

11 Second - Progress

^_^ Just thought I'd pop on and post a few WIP images from the slowly but surely progressing 11 Second Project.

The Masked Aubergine has gone through some changes since you last saw him... but I'm pleased with this final design.

The background from the opening scene of the animation, moon loading error and all ^_^

Oh look... an angry mob... I wonder what they might possbily want.

More soon ^_^

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Expermiental Experiments! ^_^

We've been discussing various different opssible methods of making the experimental project, including a few different kinds of stopmotion, and animating in various grain/sand/liquid mediums. There's no final decisions yet, but here's a few things we played with!

I call him Alphonse! ^_^

No rice was harmed during the making of this video. However, one fly named Jeremy did meet with a sudden, newspaper related accident because he kept landing on the camera lens.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

11 Second - Basic Storyboard.

Yes, VERY basic, because I am a writer by nature, I prefer to do my planning with detailed notes for myself than storyboards. However, I thought it best that I at least do the simplest of simple ones ^_^

I know, it is not good, but my scanner refusing to scan it right didn't make things any better.

Allow me to detail the frames the way I prefer, with text.

Frame 1: The Masked Aubergine (MA from now on) stands awkwardly on a hilltop, holding the moon up with clear difficulty, and trying to stop it rolling back down the hill. In the background, the night sky has a dark void in it, where the moon should be, and within that dark void is an image loading error. Why? Simply because the dark shape looked completely wrong, and the loading error is simply a geek's joke... consider it my little way of trying to be funny.
Brickface stands at the bottom of the hill, pointing accusingly at the other Villain, glaring, and shouting "You stole it."
At this point, MA notices that Brickface is there for the first time and puts on an afraid look.

Frame 2:
MA defends himself with shifty eyes and a speedy response of 'I thought you put it there.' In the following silence, MA is pushed a ways down the hill awkwardly by the weight of the moon rolling.

Frame 3:
We go to a close-up of Brickface, with an extremely annoyed expression. "Why would I put it there?!" he demands, gesturing his bafflement with angry hand movements.

Frame 4:
Close up of MA instead now, who looks around as if seeking a desperate answer and then cautiously replies 'Kindness?'

Frame 5:
Close up of Brickface again, but now he posesses an insane looking rage-face, with bloodshot eyes, eyetwitch and strangler's hands. He then replies with anger: "KINDNESS?!"

Frame 6:
Brickface points at MA accusingly again, still with his insane face, and shouts 'You stole it.'
As he is saying this, an angry mob, complete with torches, pitchforks and angry fiery-glow begin to rise over the crest of the hill behind him.

Frame 7:
Brickface, now EVEN ANGRIER, and still poniting at him, looks to the side, as if to part of the mob, and proclaims with fury 'He STOLE it!'

It is presumed that Brickface does this partly to make it clear that he wasn't responsible, and partly in the hope that the mob will kill off his 'competition' the other villain. Also it is possible he is simply in a blind rage.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Concept Art - 11 Second.

Okay, so having obtained and pondered the November 11 second project clip, I have finally decided on an idea that I feel fits it with a reasonable amount of origionality to it.

The idea is this:
On the outskirts of some kind of city, two rather bad villains (Yes, cliche, pants-over-trousers, silly costumed, silly named villains) stand. One is pushing the moon (Yes, out of proportion, comedic moon) up a hill, looking rather pleased with himself. The second stands a
ways behind him, poiting accusingly.

The supposed story is that the two of them are in a rivalry over the city, but appear to have both had the same idea. The second one is sore about this and commences shouting accusingly, the other one immediately begins making nonsense excuses whilst still attempting to hold onto his prize. Finally ending with an angry mob approaching, and the second villain shoving all blame at the first, angry that he wasn't the one to get there first, and trying not to get lynched.

It may seem rather silly, but to me it seems a bit more origional than all the other ideas that came to me about the clip.

The two characters I have come up with for this shall be known as:

The Masked Aubergine

And Brickface

I realise they are both strange, sketchy and unrealistic, but in an animation where someone is stealing the moon... I think it could work.