Saturday, 13 November 2010

11 Second - Basic Storyboard.

Yes, VERY basic, because I am a writer by nature, I prefer to do my planning with detailed notes for myself than storyboards. However, I thought it best that I at least do the simplest of simple ones ^_^

I know, it is not good, but my scanner refusing to scan it right didn't make things any better.

Allow me to detail the frames the way I prefer, with text.

Frame 1: The Masked Aubergine (MA from now on) stands awkwardly on a hilltop, holding the moon up with clear difficulty, and trying to stop it rolling back down the hill. In the background, the night sky has a dark void in it, where the moon should be, and within that dark void is an image loading error. Why? Simply because the dark shape looked completely wrong, and the loading error is simply a geek's joke... consider it my little way of trying to be funny.
Brickface stands at the bottom of the hill, pointing accusingly at the other Villain, glaring, and shouting "You stole it."
At this point, MA notices that Brickface is there for the first time and puts on an afraid look.

Frame 2:
MA defends himself with shifty eyes and a speedy response of 'I thought you put it there.' In the following silence, MA is pushed a ways down the hill awkwardly by the weight of the moon rolling.

Frame 3:
We go to a close-up of Brickface, with an extremely annoyed expression. "Why would I put it there?!" he demands, gesturing his bafflement with angry hand movements.

Frame 4:
Close up of MA instead now, who looks around as if seeking a desperate answer and then cautiously replies 'Kindness?'

Frame 5:
Close up of Brickface again, but now he posesses an insane looking rage-face, with bloodshot eyes, eyetwitch and strangler's hands. He then replies with anger: "KINDNESS?!"

Frame 6:
Brickface points at MA accusingly again, still with his insane face, and shouts 'You stole it.'
As he is saying this, an angry mob, complete with torches, pitchforks and angry fiery-glow begin to rise over the crest of the hill behind him.

Frame 7:
Brickface, now EVEN ANGRIER, and still poniting at him, looks to the side, as if to part of the mob, and proclaims with fury 'He STOLE it!'

It is presumed that Brickface does this partly to make it clear that he wasn't responsible, and partly in the hope that the mob will kill off his 'competition' the other villain. Also it is possible he is simply in a blind rage.

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