Sunday, 7 November 2010

Concept Art - 11 Second.

Okay, so having obtained and pondered the November 11 second project clip, I have finally decided on an idea that I feel fits it with a reasonable amount of origionality to it.

The idea is this:
On the outskirts of some kind of city, two rather bad villains (Yes, cliche, pants-over-trousers, silly costumed, silly named villains) stand. One is pushing the moon (Yes, out of proportion, comedic moon) up a hill, looking rather pleased with himself. The second stands a
ways behind him, poiting accusingly.

The supposed story is that the two of them are in a rivalry over the city, but appear to have both had the same idea. The second one is sore about this and commences shouting accusingly, the other one immediately begins making nonsense excuses whilst still attempting to hold onto his prize. Finally ending with an angry mob approaching, and the second villain shoving all blame at the first, angry that he wasn't the one to get there first, and trying not to get lynched.

It may seem rather silly, but to me it seems a bit more origional than all the other ideas that came to me about the clip.

The two characters I have come up with for this shall be known as:

The Masked Aubergine

And Brickface

I realise they are both strange, sketchy and unrealistic, but in an animation where someone is stealing the moon... I think it could work.

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