Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Term 3, Week 4.

Things still seem to be progressing well with the what project, if a little slower than we planned, but there's no need to worry yet, I am hoping to have a week set aside to do the full post production process, but we'll have to see, a few days might suffice, I could do it in less but it would be rushed and not too great a quality because of rendering times. We'll have to see how things go ^_^

Sketchbook project seems to keep getting odder as time goes by, the pictures becoming slowly more random, but that's okay with me, I kinda like the progression of insanity that this project seems to be following.

Animal firm continues to make good progress, the concept becoming slowly more solid... and if you thought I was joking about an octopus in a wheelbarrow... I wasn't. His name is Steve... he wears a Toupee, Monocle and fake moustache. If you think I’m still joking, you're wrong, he is an actual character.

He's a lawyer.

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