Sunday, 9 May 2010

Term 3, Week 3.

Good progress seems to be happening on the what project this week, things are moving mostly as planned, perhaps not perfectly, but the problems we have are 99% technology related... so that's kind of expected XD never ever rely on the computers to work when you need it most... because they will find a way to mess up on you... no matter how reliable they are normally. Am slowly putting a few sounds aside for a sound library, and am practicing with Soundbooth to make sure I know how it all works.

Sketchbook project is still going well, I got bored of only drawing things I had around the place and decided to go a bit loopier with it, I hope nobody minds, but one can only do so much of drawing the mundane over and over.

Animal firm goes well, I have one picture I'm quite pleased with at the moment, that's the one on the right here. This is Krawk, possibly the most misunderstood creature in the series. Everyone thinks she's there to help... she's only there to eat the slugs in their gardens... I'm starting to think the town I have created is populated by idiots XD

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