Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Genuine First Steps.

As the title says, we got to make our real first steps this week XD Actually animating things walking :O Well... when i say things, i mean a person and a sphere on legs.

My 2d one was terrible, by far the worst thing i have done yet, and i deservingly got my butt handed to me about it. If there was one time i could have put my head through the desk so far on this course... it was then. But i will bounce back... and model my walker much better next week. I don't think it's as wrong as it looks animated, but it's too fast and as such it's impossible to tell that the legs are colour coded as back and front. But everything else is wrong with it.

Anyhow... here it is.

I've already modelled my walker for next week with actual joints and shading on the back limbs... i can only hope it animates to my walk well enough.
This is just a first sketch of it, and i know it's primitive and one leg is too long, but it's the joints i'm working to get right this time.

Anyhow, on to 3d now.

This was... a little better than 2d, the sphere on legs that's actually kind of adorable ^_^ Burt.

I think i got the basic idea of a generic walk, though it's by no means good -_-

I think Derek was right at the start of the year when he told is 'No animation you ever do will you be completely happy with, there will always be things you hate about it'
Well he certainly hit the nail on the head right there XD

Anyhow... for this week... nothing else to report... But because this journal has kinda been on a downer... here's a rat :D

This is my baby Morenwyn ^_^ My youngest ratty.
But yes... that was simply and sheerly for the purpose of cuting things up in this entry.

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