Monday, 2 November 2009

I Don't Think I Can Take Any More Cubey D:

Last night i had a nightmare about animating Mr Cubie -_- i think i am taking this too seriously. No more Maya before bed for me.

This week my 2d animation was a lot of trouble, the speeds were wrong, the frames didn't seem to go in the right order even though they did. And if that weren't trouble enough someone hadn't taped down the peg bar on the stopmotion Pro computers and it came loose at one point... inconveniently D: So at one point yes it does appear to be spazzing out. But anyway. Here we are:

I think my dislike for Mr Cubey came out in this one ^^;; since i did knock him about a little... but Cubey Jnr is only a little better.
But if you think what i did to cubie in that one is bad... well... check my 3d out.

I really went all out on this one, and up until the last superslow ball bouncing into wall phail... it's actually okay... Or maybe i just think that because i had fun beating up Cubey. It was like Maya agreed with me for once!

Perhaps we can learn to get along after all.

Oh and this week i got the most amazing photo... of sunrise over the ugly end of Penryn XD please to look beyond the hideous buildings.

Oh yeah and since we had a halloween of course... i leave you with a picture... of the alright and terrifying... STEVE.

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