Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Return of Cubey -_-

Yes, this week we met Mr cubey for the first time in his digital form :O

Again facing off with the mixed blessing of Maya, we did battle, and it was long and hard... and at the end... not really worth it. The animation isn't bad as such... it's just... inadequate feeling. Especially when i saw some of the amazing things other people had been doing with their cubies D: Blimey, some people had been able to animate entire scenes and scenarios, but i apparently stuck too closely to the breif of 'make Mr Cubey jump' ... and did so.

It was not a good one... and when i told Maya that i wanted to animate his antennae using the control it promptly responded with the computer language for: 'AHAHAHA YOU WANT TO DO WHAT?!' *crash*
Gritting my teeth and trying again i got the same response, and a third time too. By this point i was ready to put the computer through the window and so decided that it would be unwise to continue with this in this way... and left the animation as it was.

Myself and Maya... are not getting along.

Oh and those who might be wondering... why have i got a rat in my title image/thing....? Well... it's my Fabian. Everyone needs something to give their life a little bit of sunshine... for some it's other people... posessions... money... etc... for me it is my pets.
Three rats, a mouse and a hamster... kinda like my inspirations ^_^

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