Monday, 12 October 2009

The Start of the Road.

Well, here is it... University. A big step, well, not so much for me. I've already been here two years... Film Studies is what i came to do but when i didn't get to get my hands into the actual filmmaking a change was needed.

In everything i have done i have been a practical person rather than a theorist... an artist, a writer, an amateur photographer. For a couple of examples on that one you can see a few photos here: It gets updated from time to time.
Anyhow, back on topic. Practical things, creating things, making things happen, has always been my love, and studying films with hollow words and theories felt dull and not what i had hoped for. It was an amazing step to move over to animation, and a huge step towards what i want to do.

Ever since i was young i have adored film, wanting to be able to create like that, to tell stories and teach people in the most amazing medium yet created by mankind. Even as a small part of a filmmaking process, it was what i knew i wanted to do. It became something of a goal for me, though it did change and develop a lot, eventually deciding on a focus, something i wanted to be in the industry. But that doesn't matter at this point. I am at the start with a fresh new course and fresh new coursemates.

The first impressions of the course are great! And we've already gotten well into our animation practicing in only the first official week, a pencil drawn 2d circle morph! Actually this proved to be interesting and educational for me... i'd never used a lightbox before, and all my previous animations had been on the computer, despite being a traditional pencil artist.

It came out... not quite as planned or expected... given it's less than perfect but it shows what it is... i'm slightly proud of it as a first attempt but i'd go no further than that.
Let's see if i can embed it shall i:

If that worked you should be able to see the animation ^_^ I hope it did.

I guess with introductions over and the first week's work shown... i can only move on and end this first installment ^_^

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