Monday, 19 October 2009

The Next Steps.

Well, second week ^_^ Scary stuff now we're facing Maya, something i've never even heard of before this course, let alone had experience with.

But before i go off on that subject, i thought perhaps i should work to back up my earlier claims of being an artist ^_^ So, i shall put a few examples in here.

Those are all characters of my creation or commissioned peices.

Some cute little... rat... adoptables i was one commissioned for:

A collaborative effort to create this lovely beastie... Alphonse.

He comes in many colours and markings and is part of an ongoing project XD

Some of my tribal creatures:

You know what XD Go to for about a ton more of my old art XD

Anyhow, that out of the way and moving on.

Maya >______> it feels like a best friend and a worst enemy at the same time... one that schizophrenically speaks the same language as me one moment and then the next it's shouting foreign at me whilst beating me with a pool cue.
However, bouncing balls on it was apparently within my ability ^_^ here:
Heavy Bouncy.

Light Bouncy.

Nothing special or interesting... and i do kinda wish we'd been allowed to play with making them pretty colours, but oh well ^_^ I'm sure there'll be more than enough of that to come.

Now the 2d one was a terrible letdown this week. I was most displeased with the way it worked out, with it's lodgic defying bounce powah... -_- But we make mistakes to learn from them... so here we are:

Unfortunately, gravity defying bounce powah was also the curse of the Mr Cubey assignment.

More mistakes to learn from and make new mistakes instead of XD

Anyhow. That's about all i got for this week, onward to week 3 :D

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