Thursday, 10 June 2010

Term 3, Week 6.

I'll be honest there isn't much to report this week XD I handed in animal firm, had a big cushion fight with three of my fellow animators, drank a whole lot of tea... oh and finally made friends with my Mechanical pencil... after having one sitting at the bottom of my drawer since the start of the course, I finally decided to give it a chance XD And look what the outcome was! I'm very pleased with it, which makes a nice change for me, it's a lot sharper than a lot of my character drawings as a result of me not having to sharpen my damn pencil every five minutes XD

For the rest of the time between now and final grades and such, I'll most likely be spending my time getting on with my personal writing projects, which have been somewhat neglected the last few weeks, I look forward to having some more time to dedicate to them for a while. I think i'm just going to enjoy being able to write and draw whatever I want for a while XD with no deadlines.

Also. Here is a rat... in fact... here is two rats. Why? Simply because my rats are awesome and I am lacking anything else to say.

Now I am off to doodle and watch Isolation, the Blob and possibly Creepozoids. Ahhh... how nice it is to have time to waste on horror films again :D

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