Wednesday, 1 December 2010

11 Second - Completed

Ah the pleasant moment of completion ^_^

I'm pleased with the overall, there are some things I would do better, and some things I would do differently. My method of choice certainly requires some more work, either that or I need to improve on a different method enough to use that instead.
The characters came out quite well, especially the Masked Aubergine in his close up shot, I really feel he moves and looks as good as he could have done in those frames. I feel my time management needs to improve a little, because even though I thought I was spreading the work evenly, it did end up being something of a rush to finish, not a panic rush, but a little more intense than would have been ideal.
I met no serious problems in production other than Flash's insistence on having the sound clip set to start instead of stream, which made it very hard to use until it finally let me change it. However, given all the past problems Flash has been known for presenting me with, I have to say that I was almost pleased to find that my only snag.

One of the things I was quite pleased with was the angry mob that rises from the hill behind Brickface, complete with torches and pitchforks. I realise this seems a little silly since there is a clearly lit city in the background of the animation, but somehow I felt that with the type of villains I chose, the overall silliness, and the general, unrealistic theme of the entire thing, that the traditional mob was the most appropriate to use.
Perhaps I went a little overboard on the glow coming from the mob, but I do rather like the overall effect it has, framing Brickface's almost insane reaction to the whole matter, it juxtaposes nicely with the shot of Masked Aubergine against the moon as well.

Overall, it was a fascinating project to work with, though this term has been very dissappointing for me in the sense that there has been no oppertunity to put our own sound to anything, and since sound is my primary interest, I hope that we get offered that chance soon.

The outcome of the 11 second project is, in the end, something I am reasonably happy with, but could improve on given practice and time ^_^

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