Sunday, 30 January 2011

New Term, New Post.

Well, okay, so it's not a new term any more, we have been at it for several weeks now, but this is the first time I have had something tangible enough to post about. For this term, I shall be organising my posts as one per week per project, with the exception of this week, where there will just be this. So it should be, give or take, three posts a week. Hopefully this will work as a suitable format ^_^

Okay, so, this week we found out some more details of the projects that we are to expect this term, and all of them hold interest for me. The Crew assignment project offers a great chance to work with the third years on their final projects, and I have been put into three groups. Two for sound, which I already love to do, and one for prop building for a stop-motion animation project. All of these are interesting and offer some great chances to try my hand at things I already know, and things that are a bit newer to me, and not only that, but to do so in an active animating team. I have read up all I can about the projects that I am to be put on, and they all seem very interesting to me, and I look forward to getting started on them very much. I have spoken with two out of the three groups, and hope to hear from the third soon!

My mind is already made up on the Post/Pre production projects, and was right from the start, I want to do post production because I already love the software that it offers a chance to learn with. I already know a basic level of compositing, and have been an editor for a number of years, this allows me to combine the two and expand my knowledge a great deal!

As for Cinematography, that promises to be a new and interesting challenge as well, having already done Film at degree level for two years, I know how to use the equipment already and hope to expand my existing knowledge working on something that my group and I have been able to come up with for ourselves. The freedom to choose is always so welcome in these situations. But a two minutes silent film as it apparently is rumored to be certainly offers us the chance to do that.

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