Thursday, 10 February 2011

Crew Project, Post 1

Now I have properly met and spoken with both of the groups that I am doing sound for. They both have very interesting concepts, and at this time, seem to have enthusiastic, active, friendly groups. Inbetween: A fable has given me a few basic sounds that I am to start getting for them, which is certainly something good to get to as a starting point.

The Story of Jeffrey Chide seems to be a highly unusual, but amusing concept, which I am already interested in. I have been provided with a full, detailed sound list, sorted by scene, and I am delighted that it is all so well organised so early on! I hope to start recording sounds very soon! ^_^

Still no word from the stop-motion project, I assume they must still be in early planning and therefore not ready for the prop-building.

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