Sunday, 20 February 2011

Crew Project, Post 2

Well, my sound work on Fable continues to go well, I am slowly gathering some of the sounds they asked for... stabbing, squelching, sword noise... that variety of thing. I shall try uploading some of the sound files at the end of the post.

Jeffrey Chide also goes well, I recorded the scratch track narration of the animation this week, and I shall upload that also, if Blogger allows me to upload sound files. I will also put in some of the other sounds that I have been recording for the project. Sean has promised to email me soon with opinions and changes, and obviously about the sounds still required, of which there are plenty.

Okay, so it turns out that Blogger doesn't allow Audio files, I will work on a solution to this and fill them in as I find one.

Okay, I found a Solution, an annoying one, but a solution nonetheless.

So without Further fuss... here is the Scratch track narration of Jeffrey Chide, Narrated by Sean Rothwell, Recorded by me, with a pointless video image of a guinea pig to trick blogger into thinking this is a video :D

Some sounds I have so far done for J-Chide with a pointless picture of a rainbow.

Some sounds so far from Fable, with a pointless picture of a really pretty tree that I took a long time ago.

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