Sunday, 27 February 2011

Crew Project, Post 3

I have gathered some more sounds for Fable, though I am hesitant about the Flintlock Rifle noise that Jake seems to prefer, he told me to record some from video games, but I am aware that might be considered theft, and I don't want to be part in that really. However, he is the boss, and I have done so, I took one of the sounds from a game, several others from my archives. It is of course his final decision, and I will admit the game sound IS the better one of the set, but we shall see how it goes. I am enjoying gathering these sounds, and can only hope that the group will think them suitable.

No email from Sean about Jeffrey Chide yet, he must be busy this week, I shall wait a while before I bother him about it, in the meantime I shall carry on collecting sounds for him.

No contact from the stop motion project still, I shall have to start contacting them if I hear nothing soon.

The Offending Flintlock Sounds in a single track: To a pointless doodle I did of a gun some time ago. I realise this is not the right sort of gun, but I had to put SOMETHING in the video.

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