Saturday, 5 March 2011

Crew Project, Post 4

Okay, so for a few weeks I might have been a bit more focused on my other class projects than the crew assignment, sometimes that is bound to happen as workloads go up and down. I did not expect what happenned as a result of it though, I was told that I was fired in front of the whole Fable group, then promptly un-fired to work with Brian instead of being fired. Despite the public humuliation part of this, I am not upset about it, and actually am rather looking forward to collaborating with someone on the sound. I will continue to work on the foley and he will handle the final sound mix, which is fine by me ^_^
Also I now have a more extended list of sounds to collect for the project.

Still no word from Sean about Jeffrey Chide, and he is not answering my emails, I shall try calling into the studio more to see if I can track him down in person.

Asked Andy about the lack of contact from the stop-motion project, and have been told to go and find Orla to ask about it, so I shall do that.

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