Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Crew Project, Post 5

More progress on the Fable sounds ^_^ At the bottom of the post.

No contact from Sean, he is not answering phone calls either... I am not sure what happenned there but I would love to know.

Apparently I was never actually put on the list to work on the stop-motion project, so my hopes there have been somewhat dashed. But there will be other chances... I'm sure I can find someone to build props for next year instead.

The term is getting near an end now, I'm not sure if this project goes into next term, but I want to colour some scenes for the Fable team over the holidays, I am staying just to work for the third years this holiday. I hope I can be some use to someone ^_^

Rain... to a picture of... a really reeeeaaaaaalllly eerie sunrise I caught a couple days ago.
Warning, this will be a long video XD

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