Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Crew Project, Final Thoughts.

Well, overall, it WAS quite a roller coaster ride. I know I could have done more, and gotten more out of it, but I felt very much that I was working alone on this other than occasional contact with people, and that made me sad... after all, it was a CREW project. Nonetheless it was a fascinating oppertunity and I hope to learn from it for when I might need to apply this knowledge to my own third year project.

I feel that I would like an explanation about the sudden dissappearence of Sean from the face of the earth, because I was enthusiastic about his project, and would have loved to see it through to the end.

The project could have gone better and it could have gone worse, next year I hope to get a more organised structure for whatever crew I work with, and make sure that it is followed, and that everyone is always aware of everything they are needed to do, and when they need to do it by. This when I get there will of course be difficult and not much fun, but I think it may well avoid a number of the problems that I personally faced over the course of this. But it was intended to be a learning experience was it not? And thus, I have learned from it ^_^ I feel that whilst there was room for improvement, it was not by any means a failure.

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