Sunday, 22 May 2011

Crew Project, Post 10

Well, this week everything went a little mad... Fable overlooked to remind me of the date of the final sound mix, so I got a phone call one morning telling me to bring everything in in an hour.

... Okay, so overall that whole thing could have been better planned, but I understand things are getting busy for everyone now and nobody is to blame any more.

So I pulled together what I had and took it to them, because simply, when given an hour or two's notice, what else can really be done.

I realise I was missing some stuff from the sound list, and I take an slice of responsibility for that, but I was not solely to blame, Brian never did turn up, I did not get the sound list in time, and the third years did not remind me, nor anyone else I spoke to on the matter, of the deadline either. So with my dissertation proposal looming. I just had to prioritise.
Here's a track of a few of the other, more mundane sounds that I had at the end. [With a picture of a spider winning a fight with a shoe, taken by me, in Arizona... my sandal is still receiving counselling for the incident]

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