Saturday, 24 April 2010

Term 3, Week 1.

Start of a new term, after a month of recovering from the madness and strain of the last one. This week has led me to think that things will be not quite as mad as i initially thought they would be this term, us having only three projects, one group and two sketchbook, which are not unreasonably in length or quality. The options we were handed for the group project are both interesting, my love of creature feature horror made me really like the idea of the killer fly series intro. However, the what project immediately sparked my interest because it was so open and wonderfully flexible. The group decided almost right away to take on the Whatwhatwhat project because of those things, and the idea i came up with for it was received surprisingly well! As far as i can tell we are actually going to do with it!

Also this term i am taking an Adobe Dreamweaver course with the university because coding is a long term interest of mine, the first session of that was this week, and was most interesting indeed, advancing my current knowledge significantly. Since i already work for several websites and have designed them in close contact with the coder, i have a good base knowledge of these things already, and as such this dreamweaver course is to build on that and make coding a viable hobby for me.

That's all i can think of for this week... uhm... i'll upate with how things go for next week.

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