Friday, 19 March 2010

3D Bathroom Modelling Project

This project presented an interesting challenge for me, because i have never had a particular skill for modelling in Maya... well... put more truthfully, me and Maya have certain problems with each other. But we both had to get over those to do this.
I chose to model the bathroom i had done for my backgrounds project:

Mostly because it was a reasonably simple, clean cut room to work with... and i really thought that going for something more complicated than i knew how to do would end in disaster. I know bathrooms are a little boring, but on reflection it was a good choice for a first try, and the end result might have been a bit simplistic, but I was pleased with it.


The biggest challenge with this one was definitely the shower, for apparently Maya and curved lines, do not like each other, so doing the back and side that curve around was not as simple as i thought it would be, it took so many tries and scrapped attempts in fact, that i had to cut out plans to model the toilet unit you see in the origional background image, because i simply hadn't left myself enough time. The rest of the thing was fairly easy, except figuring out how to make the walls transparent, that was very tricky, but i'm pleased with the outcome.

The rest of the bathroom in general i am quite pleased with, especially the showerhead and the cuboard, even though they too are simplistic compared to a lot of the work i have seen, for a begginner, i don't think i did too badly with them.
The sink texture is a bit of a fail, because it's far too reflective, and wasn't intended to be as such. But i suppose it looks kind of... modern style in design because of it, it's simply that it wasn't part of the origional plan to have it like that that makes it annoying to me.

In conclusion, it was a challenging project for me, probably the most challenging i have had to face yet, but the outcome wasn't a total disaster, so i'm pleased with it ^_^

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