Friday, 19 March 2010

The Ident Project.

I was very keen on the idea of the Ident project right from the start, because of the open nature of the assignment, it was pretty much able to be interpreted in any way. So after sorting out a partner to work with, we quickly went into the planning stages for the project.

Now, i had many, many very scattered possible ideas, but Scott fortunately had a much more organised, simple idea, which was basic enough to easily work and short enough to be applied to the allowed time of the animation.

Explosions are awesome... they are widely seen as something that is awesome in movies, and i think that was the basis for the project taking the path that it did. Based on adverts like this:

You see, explosions, are awesome. They are snappy, fast, eyecatching and generally very loud as well. Perfect for short advertisements because they make the viewer pay attention, if for a very short time... which was all we needed.

At this point i had to do an animatic... which presented me with a uniqely amusing question... how do you draw an animatic... on explosions? D: Apparently... like this:
Yes... with simple roundy lines and smoke XD i will be honest, it was the only way i could think of to do it!

Having decided that explosions was what we needed, we had to pick a method, and after a couple of failed test runs to see how we could make one of those in MAYA or hand animated, we quickly wrote those off as definitely bad ideas, and settled on using After Effects and make it into a compositing project.
That was when we had to get help, both being somewhat inexperienced with compositing and After effects, we called on Pete Felstead, who set us up with a couple of good tutorials and a copy of the compositors toolkit.

From there it consisted of much practice and attempting to put things together correctly, until we could finally start on the final peice.
Well... it took numerous fails and a lot of frustration before we could finally render out the final piece, having first composited appropriate footage together and then put sound and voice to it as well, which for me was the fun part i might add!

[Video to go here when it finally uploads ^_^]

The final peice was... shorter and sharper than expected. The sound of breaking glass does somewhat cancel out the first words of 'The Redroom... it's explosive' but they are audible under that. If we could have added just one second more to split them up and made the voice somewhat louder, it would have worked a lot better. I was pleased with it overall, though it could have used some small tweaks to make it work properly, and i think it's a rather good short, snappy starter for the Red Room... as long as the listener doesn't have the volume too high.

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