Friday, 19 March 2010

The Backgrounds Project

The background project presented me with a real test because drawing backgrounds has never really been my strong point... and that is to say, i am terrible at them. It's not something i have ever really chanelled my attention to, learning to draw figures and such instead of background-landscape themed things. But hey, always a chance to try something new eh.

Due to certain problems with two of my backgrounds
on the first attempt, i re-did them, and the three resulting backgrounds were tolerable, if somewhat simplistic a
nd not too great. But it was a learning curve so i'
m not completely unhappy with them.
Thanks to a hard drive corruption i no longer have the three origional backgrounds to upload, but the two re-done later ones i do have ^_^ The ones i am actually not unhappy with.

This pencil done background was really not easy for me, i had to largely trick myself into getting it started because the challenge of drawing a house is a little intimidating to someone who lacks confidence in their skills at drawing buildings. So i had to find something i was confident drawing to draw myself into starting this. The overly elaborate door was how i did this. I have been drawing tribal designs since before i was in college, and worked as a tattoo designer for several years in my later years of my a-levels as a result of that. Tribal is something i am extremely familiar with and comfortable drawing.

For example, see these, my largest tribal works, all done on A3 size, in
pen, each one made up of hundreds of small tribal patterns. Suffice to say they took a very long time.

These are just a couple of many many many more XD but i won't shove all those here since it would take all day.
As you can see though, tribal is something i am very familiar with, and as such, letting myself start with something tribal made it possible for me to build on it and turn it into a full picture.

Here we have the other background i still have, the one i based my 3D room model on, which is why it has more furniture than the 3D model XD because it's easier to draw these things than it is to model them.
Drawn by hand and then scanned in to be re-lined and coloured in photoshop, it's certainly not the best work i have done in photoshop... in fact compared to some of my more artistic peices this is actually bad. But the cuboard door handles are quite nice... that's about the only thing i like about the way this came out XD

Overall, the project wasn' t too bad for me, and i did have to make a swift learning curve about perspective as applied to rooms and furniture... but the final outcome of it wasn't too bad at all.

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